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You Are Not Alone
(Written through guidance)

There was a flower that stood alone
in a valley surrounded by fields of mountain flowers.
One day, as it was feeling particularly lonely
it asked God, “Why do you have me standing alone?”

God replied,
“The other flowers do not have your purpose little one.
They need each other to hold them up from day to day.
You, My little one, stand alone
because my plans for you are far greater.
If I had put you among the others
you would not have had the nutrients from My soil
to give you the strength you will need.
You would not have had the water from My rain
that was needed to purify you.
And if the others stood too tall beside you
you would not have received the sun you need
to grow in My Light.
“I have great plans for you, my little one
know that you are never alone.
My Light shines in you
and if you trust in Me
My Light will shine through you
When I need it to.”

From page 106 of Finding My Way...An Assignment of Truth