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Wallflower to Wonder Woman

April 2010 - Susan Garand
Vision Boards
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1) Awesome job, very applicable!
2) I liked the vision boards

Thank you,
The team at
Wallflower to Wonder Woman
Following are a few of the many comments and evaluations that Susan has received for her
classes, seminars, workshops, retreats, books, & healing sessions.
Wallflower to Wonder Woman

October 2009 - Susan Garand
Finding Purpose
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The team at
Wallflower to Wonder Woman
Wallflower to Wonder Woman

June 2010 - Susan Garand
Goal Setting
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1) We have a lot in common. A middle child myself and bullied as a child. Same thoughts went through my head also. It was a blessing to meet her.
2) Warm Inviting Personality. Some very useful insights and tools to utilize in finding my path.

Thank you,
The team at
Wallflower to Wonder Woman
1. 'Finding My Way, An Assignment of Truth' is a joyful collection of stories and poems that reflect experiences we can all relate too. Susan's poetry speaks from the depth of her soul and awakens poetry in my soul. What a priceless gift she shares with humanity. Susan is a clear instrument for the Infinite and I'm really impressed with her passion, love, faith and inspiring words.
Excerpt: Joy and Peace...The joy in life is easy to find, In the people, places, and events within it, when the peace in life is found, deep within our souls.
Thank you beautiful Susan for sharing your gifts"...Denise O'Regan, Burlington, On, Cda


2. It's 2am here in Calgary, just finished in the studio, and I find myself in the same spot I usually find myself after finishing work . . .I'm sitting in my big brown chair, with a cup of warm milk in one hand and your book in the other. . .I'm sure I have about worn out the pages (I think this is my 6th time through). . . every time I read it I learn something new. . . Thank You So Much...David Strattford, Producer & Composer of Music for Film, Calgary, Alberta, Canada
1. Quoting Trx-Venomous (P.J.Vincent) of Hamilton, On, Cda
TRX-V Capital Architect and Founder... of the Stylordz Hip Hop Network & Zulu North. Hi Susan, just recieved a reading from you.
your reading supports most of my character..very accurate...thanks. the following link is my history.

2. Quoting Colette Gervais Grande Prairie, AB, Cda

Good-morning Sue,
No I haven't heard of the author and the book but I will be sure to pick it up. Thank-you for the uplifting and wonderful insight, you are an inspiration.

3. Quoting Jacqueline Rozon (Bilingual Consumer Services Agent) of Kitchener

Susan is a fantastic person, a great healer, a caring teacher. She has a lot to share. She worked on me, with
me numerous times, re balancing me, energizing me,
healing me.
1. Date: Wed, 6 Apr 2011 20:29:10 -0400
From: Kelly Fxx<>
To: Susan Garand <>
Subject: Re: Seminar/workshop

Hi Susan:'d love to find time to do another workshop at some point. Your weekend was life-changing.

Thanks again for that.
Kelly Ferris, Xocai Distributor, Financial Advisor
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3. Quoting: C Tucker, Artist, Reike Practitioner, Revelstoke, B.C., Canada

Susan is selfless in her approach to love and life...She is dedicated in her search and this is exhibited in the way she moves through life. I feel blessed to call her my friend. Each word...sentence she puts to paper carries with it the energy of spiritual depth. I would suggest that anyone reading her books will have this experience of depth and connection... Susan is the embodiment of why and how we move into enlightenment. Her acceptance of life enriches those who have the good fortune to connect with her.

'Finding My Way, An Assignment of Truth', can fit the dynamics of most families, a heartfelt read, brings me closer to my Being. Susan is a gifted, spirited writer, one of her many gifts she shares so freely.
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1. Quoting Wilma Nardone (Hypnotherapist) of Stoney Creek Ontario was/is a client and student

Oh Susan, I think I will be coming back to class...miss you guys so much! Everything's coming together for me finally - remember Susan, you 'knew' I was thinking of starting my own business, long before I breathed a word to anyone. It was still just a dream at that point. And yet, your intuition (your guides) told you what I was thinking about. I'm still awed by that. And I'll never forget when
you said it out loud and blew me away that you knew ... it suddenly made it so real, so do-able. And here I am, got my training and I'm going full force. Now everyone knows, but you knew before I even knew for sure. In fact, I think by your saying it out loud, it actually manifested. Susan, I wouldn't be embarking on this new career if it weren't for you. My dream came true cause you 'saw' it. Forever indebted...

PS. you probably forgot I told you, but my most treasured toy in life was my only doll as a child, with big brown eyes, and lots of untamable hair that I brushed forever ... she was my security for the harder time in my childhood.
I had named her Susan. No coincidence.

2. Quoting Ngozi Iyamah (Computer & Network Security Professional) of Hamilton Ontario was/is a client & student

Susan is one that really gives the meaning to intergrity and honesty.

3. Donna Katic (Medical Esthetics at Personal Care Health and Esthetics) of Hamilton Ontario was/is a client & student

I have been seeing Susan for several years and have recommended to my friends and collegues to try out her "circle". We have
not been disappointed. The times when I felt like the chips were down, Susan would have a circle starting up and by the time I
finished it my spirits were up (actually after each class) and my focus would change to be more appropriate and suited for me. Whether it was personal issues or business it was a great way to escape a maddening word and enter into a peace that
allowed suitable thoughts and result come my way. Susan's passion, calmness, kindness awakes your own. Her knowledge
is shared unselfishly. Its just up to you to embrass it. Susan, you've come into a great facilitator and I appreciate your guide.
Thank you

Quoting Lee Pryke of Kitcher, Ontario was a student

Thank you so much everyone, today I was speaking with someone and out of my mouth came " I feel like the light is back
on" I didn't realize how dim I was shining. Boy it happens fast when you are where you are meant to be! I am so happy and
I thank all of the hugs I got from everyone last night as your love refuelled my energy. I am so blessed. Lee
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