Meditations, Seminars, & Workshops

In a Series of Enlightening Meditations, Classes, Seminars, & Workshops, all held in a comfortable safe environment, Susan E. J. Garand shares her Near Death Experience, the Silent Lonely Life Before It, the Challenges that came with It, and the Knowing and Growing in Love and Life that came After It. Direction to speak and teach, comes through prayer meditation. She asks for guidance on what and how to teach then puts it to paper. Whether you attend one or all of her meditations, seminars, or workshops, Susan will help you on a journey through the past, present, and future, helping to bring You to a Better Place in Your Life:)))

Spiritual and Intuitive Growth Classes
There are many ways to connect to the Source that is guiding us. Teaching in the manner she was taught, Susan uses many modalities to bring you to 'attention & awareness', allowing you to find the one(s) that suit you best. Learn to KNOW, not just Believe. Held in groups weekly for $10/person/class, $15 includes Meditation and class
or at scheduled times one on one for $20/person/class or $25/per class with Meditation
Cost of Workshops, Supplies, Refreshments & Snacks
$45/Seminar Workshop or $120 when you prepay for any three, in a group
$65/Seminar Workshop or $180 when you prepay for any three, one on one
Seminar Workshops
Seminar Workshop I
Loving Self

What I think of Me
What Others think of Me
Clarification and Confirmation
Seminar Workshop lll
Finding Purpose

What am I like
What do I like
What I should do
Seminar Workshop V
Road Mapping

What do I want
What do I need
What do I do
Seminar Workshop ll

Leave the Past where it belongs
Change your story
Laugh your way to a better you
Seminar Workshop lV
Intuitive Vision Boards

Seminar Workshop Vl

Can I do it
How I do it
These workshops are a great Girls' Night Out or Birthday Party
for most any age!

Mask Making
2 Day to Workshop (~2 hours each day) including all mask making supplies
$25/mask in a group, $35 one on one
Adults only = Spiritual Healing Through Masking = $45/person in a group or $65 one on one

Bird/Fairie House Creating
Starting at $25/house, these treasures can be used to decorate your home inside or out!
Have been known to attract fairies and little birds.

Intuitive Vision Boarding
Unlike traditional vision boarding, this one has a twist. It will not only help with manifestation, but also, confirmation, healing, and/or direction. Set your intention and watch it unfold before you.
$25/person in a group or $45 one on one (all supplies included)
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