Susan E.J.Garand
After a near death, out of body experience, a small town girl,
would be changed forever!

In a curtained section of an emergency room, I was above my body looking down at it's grey lifelessness. As my spirit was rising, I looked up. Up toward a beautiful brilliant light. There were no bodies, no faces, and no words spoken, but there was an instant knowing that this light was God, and I was begging Him to take me. I had no desire, what so ever, to go back. It was euphoric! There were no thoughts of anyone or anything else. Just the certainty, that what was above, was far more than I had ever imagined. I was where I wanted to be and wanted to stay. He however, God, had other plans for me. He told me that he wasn't finished with me yet. And as simple as it may seem, and in an instant...pain, excruciating pain. My surgeon had tapped on my stomach. God had sent me back! Back to a pain that was as unimaginable as the Glory of His presence. My appendix had ruptured some 6 to 7 hours earlier, and after two and a half hours of surgery, it would be six weeks in the hospital, and four months of almost total bed rest at home, before I would be getting back to normal. Only, my normal wouldn't feel the same. I was no longer the same person. How could I be? Lest it all be in vain!

God's sequence of events continued, but more quickly, upon my return home, and the aftermath...Heightened Gifts of Healing and Messaging through our Creator. When I open myself up as God's vessel, Divine energy and guidance (messages), for myself and others is sent. The energy and messages are what allow us to move forward in Love and Life. I see, hear, feel, and know things that only God allows me to.

With these gifts, I have been helping people heal mind, body, and spirit since 2004. I have also published two books. Both inspirational in nature and much of them written through Divine Guidance. Some of which I have no recollection of writing. I was guided, by God and his Angels.

It has been 9 years since my experience. The understanding of my life experiences, and the acceptance of God's gifts, has allowed me to become an award winning poet and writer, and a Spiritually guided healer/messenger, speaker, and teacher.
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