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In this retreat, you will be safely taken back as farther than you can remember. Coming full circle, you will be given the tools to release what no longer serves you, and retain and aquire what you need to move forward in Love and Life. All of this will be acquired through seminars and workshops that reveal and confirm the truths about you, your direction, and your purpose.

Through this rebirth, you will be brought back to the basics required in Growing In Love and Life.
These seminars and workshops are designed to help you find balance in lives that are full and hectic, or tiresome and mundane.

Come and learn how to find rhythm while you dance to beat of your own drum.
Attain guidance and confirmation of what is required to acheive greatness in all aspects of Your Life. Then learn how gratitude and attitude work hand in hand in manifesting what is best for you.

Rewrite your story then set your Dreams and Desires in Motion.
1. Unlike large retreats, our retreats are limited to 6 people so we may provide the personal attention that is required in the 10 hours of seminars/workshops/meditations.

2. Also included are: supplies, outings (if any), refreshments, snacks, meals, and hostel style accomodations with a hot tub...all of this is affordably priced at only $129/person. Ask about our Great Early Bird discount!!!

3. Friday night B&B may be acquired for an additional $65/night ($85 Value).

4. Healing & messaging sessions may be acquired during free time for $45/session.
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